For Wieland sustainability is ‘business as usual’

Wieland Textiles is a family business that is rooted in a long tradition of textile recycling. A tradition that goes back to the collection and sorting of ‘rags’ during the sixties in Amsterdam. Wieland Textiles as we know it today, was founded in 1984 by René Wieland. In 1997, Hans Bon became his business partner and member of the management team. In Wormerveer (since 2000), Hans and René transformed the company into a modern, sustainable enterprise specialized in the sorting and upcycling of discarded textiles. For Wieland, competitive prices, fair trade,  certified quality management, transparency in the chain, good working conditions as well as continuous investments in sustainable innovations are business as usual. 

In 2016, René decided to withdraw from the company by selling his shares to his business partner Hans Bon. Since then, Hans is Director Owner of Wieland Textiles. He runs the company in cooperation with manager Yumak and his son, as well with his own sons Mitchel and Kellen. Together they are a capable and motivated staff that have been working at Wieland for many years now.