Quality Management

Safeguarding a professional and transparent scheme for textile retrieval

Wieland Textiles has been certified by Kiwa in August 2022, according to the standards set out in the Certification Scheme for Textile Retrieval, version 2022. The Certification Scheme for Textile Retrieval enables Wieland Textiles to demonstrate it fully complies with relevant laws and regulations and that it is transparent about the origins of recycled materials. The certification scheme is drawn up by the Textile Recovery Association (VHT) and is mandatory for VHT members.

Despite a good network of collection points, almost half of discarded clothing and other textile products still disappear into the waste container in the Netherlands. By optimally sorting textiles, high-quality fibers can be recovered and used for new products. This is crucial, because after the petrochemical industry, the textile industry causes the most pollution worldwide. Moreover, textile production requires raw materials, energy and other resources that are not inexhaustible. Therefore, more and more requesting parties in the textile chain demand in tenders that suppliers are able to demonstrate that the collection and processing of textiles is done according to the rules and that the origin of the material is retraceable.

Certification Scheme Textile Retrieval

Certification based on the Certification Scheme for Textile Rectrieval, is an excellent means to this end. The certification scheme contains guidelines for the organization of business processes, a way of working in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, working conditions and points of attention around sustainability, the environment and safety. Obtaining the Textile Retrieval Certificate means that Wieland Textiles has set up and manages a quality system which meets all of Kiwa’s quality requirements. The certificate provides quality guarantees for, among other things, professional sorting, transparency in the textile chain and a careful marketing of reusable clothing and recycled products. Parties who value a careful sorting process, safe working conditions, good personnel management and transparency throughout the textile chain, have a trusted partner with Wieland Textiles.