Quality Management

Committed to professional sorting, chain transparency, fair trade and being a good employer

In 2010, Wieland Textiles was one of the first Dutch companies that was certified conform the standard ‘Assessment Optimized Textile Sorting Process’. This certificate of TÜV Rheinland provides quality standards for the professional sorting of used textiles, chain transparency, HR policies and the fair trade of second-hand clothes and recycle products. The certificate has been re-assessed annually since 2010 and the sorting process of Wieland continues to comply with the high quality standards of TÜV Rheinland. The quality of Wieland’s process is confirmed by the SGS Group, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. The SGS Group carries out audits frequently at Wieland.

A reliable calculation model for the registration of waste fractions

In 2017, TÜV Rheinland introduced the calculation model that Wieland uses for the registration of all waste fractions. A reliable model is crucial for a fair and realistic calculation of the weight and price of re-usable textiles coming from separate containers that are delivered at Wieland. On July 27th 2017, an employee of TÜV Rheinland monitored and audited the complete process: from weighing and (pre)sorting to the calculation of a bulk of collected textiles. The conclusion was that the model ‘has been developed thoroughly and accurately, conform the characteristics of the workflow during pre-sorting’. TÜV Rheinland did not detect any deviations from the monitored sorting process and concluded that the calculation model ‘gives a realistic overview of the sorted fractions’.