Wieland Textiles is a commercial enterprise with the ambition to make a social and environmental impact and is supporting a number of charities. The NGOs listed below have been supported for many years now by the textile company:

  • The Ebenezer orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Matopeni project in Ruiry, Kenya
  • Art projects

The Ebenezer orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya – During a working visit to Kenya in 2006, Director Hans Bon was invited by one of his customers to visit the Ebenezer orphanage, that offers housing to children from rural areas who have lost their parents because of Aids. Hans was very moved by the miserable living conditions in the orphanage. There were barely any resources to provide for the most basic needs of the children. The adults supporting the children do this without receiving any financial compensation. They are coordinated by the female initiator of the project, who keeps the orphanage up-and-running. Wieland’s customer from Kenya supports the orphanage by donating a stack of second-hand clothes now and then, which has encouraged Hans to support the orphanage as well. Since 2006, Wieland is supporting the orphanage with frequent donations. The 25th anniversary of Wieland Textiles was an excellent occasion to collect funds amongst employees, suppliers, partners and other business relations. The money that was collected (6,000 euro) was transferred to the bank account of the orphanage. Thanks to the donations of Wieland, the orphanage is able to pay the tuition fees of all the 50 children living there. And the commitment of Wieland is really paying off: 8 children are studying at the university now. Whenever Hans visits Kenya, a visit to the orphanage is part of his program. The children tell him enthusiastically about their activities and Hans is informed about their development by numerous reports.

Art projects – Students and teachers from theatre schools from Amsterdam visit Wieland frequently to collect materials they can use for their theatre performances, shows and projects. The students explore the sorting hall of Wieland searching for theatrical clothes, curtains, decorative materials, etcetera.